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Amelia Jane Rutherford has been sent down from Roedean for her bad behaviour and has already upset the Headmaster at her new private school by not wearing the new school's uniform despite being asked to do so several times. She feels her Roedean uniform gives her 'street cred'. The Headmaster decides that enough is enough and so this beautiful but petulant young lady is punished and made to change immediately into her new school uniform. Whilst changing she finds the Headmaster's cane and cannot resist trying it on her self. She soon finds that the Headmaster also has designs on using it on her in the near future!
Naughty schoolgirl Amelia Jane Rutherford - an exclusive spanking photo-story


the very latest english spanking film updates - every week

After her earlier disciplinary session with the school nurse Kali finds herself now reporting to her Housemaster for a more prolonged, and painful, set of punishments. His hard hand, firstly over her blue tights and then on her bare bottom, followed by the leather paddle and finally a Lochgelly tawse soon show this Scots sixth-form schoolgirl who is the boss and who's rules must be obeyed!

Naughty Schoolgirl Kali in a 'tights' spot - an exclusive spanking film

the very latest english spanking film updates - every week

Caroline Grey returns home after a shopping spree. She has bought a lovely 1950's dress, petticoat and shoes and a vintage first edition Elvis record. She shows them to her guardian who questions her about where she got the money to buy them. Unfortunately for her she had used a credit card she had stolen from a man in a pub and she finds that retribution is swift and painful!

This is Caroline's very first spanking shoot - an exclusive spanking photo-story

the very latest english spanking film updates - every week

Pandora Blake has been using her company's computer to write hard-core spanking pornography stories. The company's IT Compliance Manager decides to offer her a painful alternative to instant dismissal. He visits her at home and she decides that being stripped almost naked and paddled severely on her pert cheeks better than having to find another job in this harsh economic climate.

Pandora' Blakes soft buttocks get paddled purple in this great new spanking movie

the very latest english spanking film updates - every week

Wynter arrives home from her friend's Japanese schoolgirl fancy dress party looking divine, but she is also over the drink drive limit and she has driven home! Her husband is furious and decides that as she has acted like a naughty schoolgirl he shall treat her as one. She is soon over his knees receiving a serious OTK bare bottom spanking on her delightfully pert derriere.

Beautiful blonde Wynter gets per pert cheeks reddened in this unique photo story

the very latest english spanking film updates - every week

Mrs McGregor, the School Nurse at St. Smackems is not a woman to be trifled with. This dour Scot knows how to deal with recalcitrant and obstreperous young ladies. Kali falls foul of Mrs McGregor when she has her health inspection and argues with this formidable lady! A bare bottom hand spanking is the least of her worries as Mrs McGregor goes on to strap her hands with a tawse and then takes this painful instrument of Scottish correction to Kali's naked bottom.

Kali gets a real Scots 'skelping' in this original spanking film.

the very latest english spanking film updates - every week

Young Kali should not have worn the red shoes with her school uniform, it is like a red rag to a bull to her Housemaster and she soon finds herself OTK with her bottom visibly reddening through her blue tights. He delivers a blistering hand spanking over her blue tights before they, and her white panties, are lowered for a serious punishment session with the leather paddle and then the tawse.

Kali gets a red bottomed spanking over tights in this original photo-story.

the very latest english spanking film updates - every week

Young 18 year old sixth former Masie Dee would have got away with just a hand spanking after being told to see the Headmaster.

But her blatant disregard for school rules earns her the dreaded third demerit, and this means the paddle will be applied vigorously to her naked bare bottom.

Masie really gets 'leathered' in this great original schoolgirl spanking film

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